Carin McCowan

WHAT EXCITES ME is sharing my life with my spouse, our two fabulous teenagers who teach me golden nuggets of wisdom every day, time with friends, walking our dog, a good bottle of wine, hockey, golf, living healthy, yoga, traveling, the outdoors, reading, celebrating special occasions, giving back, Special Olympics, connecting with people, and dreaming. The list is endless.

Began Isagenix: I began using the Isagenix systems and products in 2012 after being introduced to it by a trusted friend.

Life before Isagenix: I was stressed out, feeling heavy, overwhelmed from care giving and not sleeping well. As a result, it was affecting the mood in our home and how I interacted with others. It was time to take care of ME before I could take care of anyone else.

Life since Isagenix: Isagenix has been a gift! This is the best I’ve felt in my life, ever — leaner, lighter, strong, and more energetic. By honouring my own health and wellness I am able to give back in so many ways. I have the energy to be there for my family and friends, to keep balance in my life, and to better deal with adversity as it crosses my path. It has also given me the financial benefits to help support our family’s needs.

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