Angela Martini

I am a wife, happily married for over 20 years, to my husband Joe. I am a mother of twin teenage daughters. I am a former dental hygienist and an entrepreneur in the fitness industry as well as and interior design. Since 2012 I am a full time Isagenix business builder. I am most excited about […]


Joanne Penn

I AM: a wife, happily married to Carl for 10 years.  I’m a mum to 2 young daughters.  I’m an entrepreneur and personal chef for the past 11 years.  I hold the rank of Crystal Executive, 1 Star Golden Circle.  I work part-time on my Isagenix business in conjunction with my full time personal chef business. […]


Katherine Lawson Mar

I am an invested mother and wife first and foremost. I am also a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with over 28 years of teaching experience. I have been a marathon runner and continue to love running for both love of the great outdoors and love of competition. Every day is a race […]

Corinne Creighton

Corinne Creighton

I am a creator of fun, fitness and freedom! I am a Certified Personal Trainer with my own business specializing in private in-home training. I enjoy a fun, active lifestyle with my husband and two sons. I’m an avid Mountain Biker, Hiker, Runner and get my Zen from Yoga. What excites me the most is […]


Deb McIntyre

I am: a pediatric Dental hygienist of 30 years and the mother of three active young men and one wonderful rescue dog Baxter. I love watching my boys play in their chosen sport of lacrosse and I also lead an active lifestyle. I’m one to try lots of new activities and am presently exploring cross […]

Capture THIS Moment
Capture THIS Moment
Capture THIS Moment

Jody Makarus; R.M.T

I AM a giver. I am part of a healthy, athletic, goal driven, energized family. I am a Health care provider. I am committed to showing people that there are alternate ways to create wellness in their lives.  Sharing knowledge is powerful.   I just get so excited with new opportunities. I began; Isagenix in the […]


Maria Bertucci

I am a wife and mother of two teenage boys who play elite hockey. I am an Architect and Food Microbiologist and a Crystal Executive with Isagenix. Our whole family began using Isagenix in 2012 when my wonderful friend shared all the amazing benefits and we have never looked back. Life before Isagenix I was […]


Dr. Ryan Emmons

I AM: A father of two beautiful girls, sport chiropractor, author and athlete. My expertise combines a certification in clinical and sports nutrition with 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry having been a personal trainer for over 10 years and a chiropractor for 8 years. BEGAN ISAGENIX: In 2013 after being […]


Jason & Jann Flis

We are a fiercely loyal and passionate couple. As part of a blended family we love and support our 4 active children through all of life’s obstacles. We love to travel and enjoy the simple things that help us create the life we want. Giving back in any capacity is the most rewarding part of anything we […]