Deb McIntyre

I am: a pediatric Dental hygienist of 30 years and the mother of three active young men and one wonderful rescue dog Baxter. I love watching my boys play in their chosen sport of lacrosse and I also lead an active lifestyle. I’m one to try lots of new activities and am presently exploring cross fit!

Began Isagenix: I was introduced to Isagenix in 2012by a fellow Dental Hygienist. Our family has always used Nutritional products and I was very interested in finding out more about these superfoods.

Life Before Isagenix: Before Isagenix I was overstressed, over weight and I felt like I was always giving yet never felt fulfilled

Life since Isagenix: Isagenix has given me a renewed passion for life. My energy is up, I released some weight and I finally feel that I have a true purpose. I have found my passion for helping others to achieve their goals in life, whether that includes health improvement or even financial change. Isagenix has sent me on a journey to better self-awareness and development and has truly brought out the best in me. I now wake up with renewed joy about what the day ahead will bring. I am so excited to be a part of Team-Create and all the new life long friends I have made. This has been such a blessing for my family and me.

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