Diane & Chase Leger

We are: Diane & Chase Leger a mother and son team from Calgary. I have an extensive background in the health & fitness industry as a fitness instructor as well as in fitness management. Chase grew up in the fitness environment visiting me all the time, which lead to his passion for fitness.

Began isagenix: I was introduced to Isagenix by a woman I very much respect within the health & fitness industry, Katherine Mar.

Life Before: I have used and been exposed to many different nutritional products and found that many of them are not healthy or that they just did not deliver the promised results.

Life Since:  The proof for me is in how “I” felt & the results I attained from using the Isagenix system…It was like night & day! I have never felt so full of energy and was able to lean out. I could not do this using any other product…short of starvation.  My 18 year old son Chase has had incredible results in his athletic performance and was able to gain lean muscle mass while leaning out.

Both of us believe in this system and will use  It is a gift and we have been given, and an opportunity to share it. We have an amazing team for any support we need, and there is no end to where we will go with it. Our vision is to help people of all ages and their families get healthy this using amazing nutritional system while they grow financially and make their dreams come true.

emaildmleger@telus.net   emailchase.leger@hotmail.com   phoneDiane 403-969-0993   phoneChase 587-228-0993