Dr. Ryan Emmons

I AM: A father of two beautiful girls, sport chiropractor, author and athlete. My expertise combines a certification in clinical and sports nutrition with 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry having been a personal trainer for over 10 years and a chiropractor for 8 years.

BEGAN ISAGENIX: In 2013 after being introduced to the products by a fellow fitness professional. I was looking to find the best of the best and once I connected with Isagenix there was no turning back – it was truly the best nutrition and the most complete program that I had ever tried.

LIFE BEFORE ISAGENIX: I was on a downward spiral. I found myself uninspired, going through the motions, struggling financially, exhausted with adrenal fatigue, and confined to the limitations I allowed to be set upon myself and my life. I had lost myself and became a person I had never intended to be.

LIFE SINCE ISAGENIX: I have been able to channel and express my passion for life, health and nutrition. It began when the 30-Day System transformed my body and my energy. I then decided to participate in the IsaBody Challenge, which revolutionized the way I look and the way I feel and renewed my approach to health.

CREATING HEALTH: I finally have real solutions to help people in all dimensions that I can truly feel good about. It is such a privilege to have the ability to help others improve their health and transform their lives.

CREATING FREEDOM: I find it exhilarating to inspire and support others to find wealth, success and abundance in life that they deserve. This wealth allows us to inspire and share with others in greater numbers and create a powerful movement to living our lives, our way. This opportunity allows us to live our dreams and make any possibility a reality. I encourage you to: ‘Dream Big, Live Bigger

Isagenix Website: www.drryanemmons.isagenix.com email drryanemmons@gmail.com   Twitter@DrRyanE