Jason & Jann Flis

We are a fiercely loyal and passionate couple. As part of a blended family we love and support our 4 active children through all of life’s obstacles. We love to travel and enjoy the simple things that help us create the life we want. Giving back in any capacity is the most rewarding part of anything we do.
We live an active lifestyle but always make time to schedule in a date night. Jen is a Mompreneur who works the Isagenix business from home with an undeniable attention to detail and passion for helping others. Jason is an educator and coach with his Master’s degree in Education and wrote his thesis on
childhood obesity and nutrition.

Before Isagenix: We were exhausted, over worked, over stressed and simply living day by day as financial tension took over. We put everyone and everything first leaving us completely drained, unmotivated and unavailable. We were not happy with the lives we were living or the example we were showing our kids, friends and family.

Started Isagenix: We started Isagenix in January of 2015 after being introduced by a good friend. We were very skeptical and scared as we had no money and experienced many other let downs with fad diets yielding no results.

Since Isagenix: After early success as product users we decided to share our passion with as many people as possible. Our business grew fast and we advanced to 1 Star Crystal Executive Golden Circle. We began hosting events and tirelessly helping others to work toward and reach their health and
wellness goals. Watching others find their inner fire again is extremely rewarding. We regained the energy we so desperately needed, felt lighter, looked better, and started to lead by example. We have experienced more time freedom and less financial strain. Most importantly we now model what a
healthy well rounded lifestyle looks like for our children.

1 Star Golden Circle Independent Crystal Executives

Isagenix: http://jasonandjen.isagenix.com

phonetel: 289-244-6640 or 905-531-9017