Jody Makarus; R.M.T

I AM a giver. I am part of a healthy, athletic, goal driven, energized family. I am a Health care provider. I am committed to showing people that there are alternate ways to create wellness in their lives.  Sharing knowledge is powerful.   I just get so excited with new opportunities.

I began; Isagenix in the Spring of 2014  when I met a friend and made a decision that would impact my family and I forever. I purchased the Isagenix Presidents pak which gave me the support and results, I was desperately seeking.

Before Isagenix; There had been some major changes that contributed to the depletion of my energy and excitement in life. The physical pain, body aches, sudden loss of my brother, and moving within 6 months; seemed unbearable. I simply wondered how I would ‘snap out of this’

Creating Health; The Isagenix products and systems were able to give me the nutrition, energy, support and distraction that I needed to create “me” from the inside out. I was finally able to bring my body, my mind, heart and soul back.

Creating freedom: It is about starting with the dream and creating reality through a steady stream of income. Isagenix helped to bring back my zest for life! I now share the Isagenix products and systems with all my clients and have been inspired by their stories and results to continue sharing this gift.
Isagenix Website:   phone(587) 284-4325