Katherine Lawson Mar

I am an invested mother and wife first and foremost. I am also a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor with over 28 years of teaching experience. I have been a marathon runner and continue to love running for both love of the great outdoors and love of competition. Every day is a race to be the best that I can be! I have taught at various facilities all across Canada and have also run a successful BootCamp company. Prior to children, I enjoyed a career in publishing with one of Canada’s largest firms; I made a decision to stay home with my children and raise them myself.

Before Isagenix I was exhausted, overworked teaching fitness classes or running bootcamps, working out all the time in pursuit of my athletic ideal, and always worried about money. I stayed home from a full time job to enjoy my children; ironically, I had no energy to actually be there as I had hoped for them.

I was introduced to Isagenix by a friend and client in 2012. I was extremely skeptical and became a “closet user” for a full year, testing it out for myself before I considered introducing it to my clients. I was a whole food person and not especially willing to open my mind to anything else. My friend’s results opened the door enough of a crack to allow a shake a day in!

Since Isagenix my life has improved ten fold. Athletic performance has improved in every area from running speed, to recovery, to increased muscle mass, less body fat, more energy, and improved breathing associated with asthma. I see my doctor and pharmacist once a year. My immune system is the best it has been since I was 7 years old. I am thrilled with the results of those that I have referred to isagenix, as are they. I am no longer worried about money all the time as I am earning more than I did in my professional career but without sacrificing sacred family time. I never miss picking up my kids from school, nor do I ever miss their events.

I believe that everyone deserves health and a full, energetic and balanced life, able to embrace every opportunity with those they love.

Isagenix Website: www.katherinemar.isagenix.com   emailhealth4ever@telus.net  instagram@katherinelawsonmar  phone (403) 614-9197