Katie Lindskoog

I am: A wife, a mother, a giver, a lover of life, a project manager by trade and advocate of health and wellness. Isagenix is the platform of my healthy lifestyle. I love to share with everyone how I found the path to a healthier me and how I share it with my family and friends.

Began Isagenix: I was introduced to Isagenix in 2012 by Debra McIntyre. It was right before my wedding and I ended up having to alter my wedding dress! Last minute inches were lost and so much vibrate energy gained. I was hooked!

Life Before Isagenix: Before Isagenix I was feeling like I hit a plateau weight. I wanted to tone up and feel more energetic throughout my day… I also wanted to start a family after the wedding and I wanted to be at my heathiest so I could grow a healthy baby !

Life since Isagenix: Not only has Isagenix improved my overall health, but I have had the opportunity to help others do the same and hearing the results of others transforming their bodies the healthy way, makes me so happy.

I had trouble understanding the do’s and don’t while pregnant and nursing while using Isagenix. I created a Facebook Group called IsaMommies so it could be a safe place where moms could connect, support and share everything during their Isagenix journey. It has blossomed into a world-wide group of over 5,000 mommies! I love to see the wonderful conversations, support and transformations of moms all over changing their lives for themselves and their families.

Our pantry now has 2 large shelves dedicated to our Isagenix shakes, snacks, bars, whey thins – you name it we got it and we love it all. My baby and my husband ask for their shakes every day and I love that my family is filling their bodies with nutrients that their body needs to be strong and healthy !!

Isagenix Website: www.katielindskoog.isagenix.com   emailkatielindskoog@gmail.com facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1405971483002509/