Maria Bertucci

I am a wife and mother of two teenage boys who play elite hockey. I am an Architect and Food Microbiologist and a Crystal Executive with Isagenix.
Our whole family began using Isagenix in 2012 when my wonderful friend shared all the amazing benefits and we have never looked back.

Life before Isagenix I was looking to fine tune our healthy eating, lose unwanted weight and looking for super nutrients to fuel and power my sons athletic goals.

Life since Isagenix has not only ensured that the whole family is getting their daily requirements of all essential nutrients but my husband and I have lost and kept off the unwanted weight and have more energy. My boys have taken their athletic performance and game to a whole new level.

My goal is to bring awareness to people that Isagenix is the solution they are looking for. My wish is to touch peoples lives with the gift to experience and achieve not only their health goals but unlock their financial dreams.

Isagenix Website: phone(403) 399-8989